Hello Blogworld!

I finally pulled the damn trigger and did it. After all the future planning and postponing, I decided to just start my blog. Throughout different travels, I’ve time and time again attempted to start a travel journal only to leave it incomplete by post one and a half. However, last year, I purchased a food journal and began to handwrite about restaurants I had dined in, my rating of their dishes and drinks, as well as the ambiance and aesthetics of the place. So many friends have told me I should start a food blog since my Instagram focuses heavily on food but I just never did. Ironically, I deactivated my IG because I found myself incessantly scrolling through posts at ALL times of the day. Ie: While driving, eating, watching TV, conversing with a friend etc. It didn’t feel healthy at all, but I’m not saying this with judgement of any kind to those who have this type of relationship with IG. I love the app, but I felt I needed space and deactivating it allowed me that space. Granted, I’m probably going to reactivate it because of this blog. LOL

I think my blog title provides an accurate description of what my content will entail. The posts will be centered around my personal, selected adventures near and far, both of food and culture. In addition, I will be sharing ideas and lessons that resonate with me. I’ll keep my posts short and sweet, but just to warn you…there may be the occasional lengthy post. 😉

I never thought I’d take part in any form of public writing because I was terrible with essay construction throughout school. I guess my mathematical brain had difficulty comprehending a subject that didn’t have calculated answers…but perhaps I’ll find that voice in writing about subjects I’m passionate for. I hope you join me on this journey into blogging and that my posts will be both entertaining and of use! So without further ado, here is my first post:

This morning, after a heated yoga class at Modo Yoga, I was craving a latte somewhere new. I quickly scrolled through Yelp and saw Coffee for Sasquatch close by. As soon as I walked in, I saw a blogger, in true LA fashion, glamorously posing at the front seats while her “assistant” snapped pictures of her. I laughed to myself and walked to the counter.

I ordered the Liverpool Latte which was a combo of earl grey and espresso with a hint of vanilla. I didn’t take a shot of the latte because surprisingly, there was no basic design of a heart that topped it. The space, however, was clean and lovely! I was a fan of the abstract wallpaper and the whitewashed counters. A couple of people were posted at the tables sipping their drinks and working on their laptops. The cafe had ample seating and was quiet enough for conversation…a great place to catch up with a friend.

I took my coffee to-go, and as I strolled to my car, I again passed the blogger, her photographer and this time, their minivan fully equipped with a driver. 😂 Blogger living the life. I thought to myself, maybe I was the one in true LA form, drenched in sweat, post-workout, with my latte in hand. Xo-EM




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  1. Pooja says:

    This is perfection! So glad you decided to start this, perfect timing 🙂


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